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The Afterlife Collection

Looking for a new supplier of wholesale urns?

Dear readers,

First of all, thank you for visiting our website. Whether your crematorium is just starting up or already has an urn supplier, we have a high-quality urn collection that is competitively priced & budget friendly.

Interior Close-up of our CM-35 urn.

An interior close-up of our CM-35 urn, featuring brass lock and top-bottom felt lining.

Whether you are purchasing urns handmade in the U.S.A, working with a distributor, or purchasing from Chinese factories oversees, there are a number of issues you may encounter. Most often, the issue is quality or price — and often times a headache.
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Afterlife Urns has Launched!

Enchanted World of Boxes
is proud to introduce our Afterlife Collection, a suite of wholesale urns for pets and animals. Our urns come in a variety of sizes, with two distinct syles — CM & CMS. CM boxes feature a brass lock and felt interior, while the latter features an elegant seamless design. We are launching the website today (7/11/13) and invite you to take a peak, register, and become a part of our family.

Our urns are warehoused in Boston MA, and exude both quality and affordability. We are just a telephone call or e-mail away, and we’re here to communicate with you, whether it be regarding a special shipment or order, questions about the our urns, general support, or inquiries.

Thank you,
EWB – The Afterlife Collection