Our Cremation Urns – Size Selector

Our urn size selector instantly calculates the size of the urn needed. This calculation is based on the nationally accepted 1lb = 1 cu. in. formula, which leaves a safe amount of leeway. Volume of remains varies based on equipment & procedure, please adapt our calculations to your own.

We’ve also included additional information regarding cat & dog weights by breed below.


Ideal Weights of Cat Breeds
Domestic Cat 8-10 lbs.
Persian 7-12 lbs.
Siamese 5-10 lbs.
Maine Coon 10-25 lbs.

Ideal Weights of Dog Breeds
Afghan hounds 58–65 lbs.
Airedale terriers 40–65 lbs.
Akitas 75–115 lbs.
Alaskan malamutes 70–95 lbs.
American Staffordshire terriers 55–65 lbs.
Australian cattle dogs 30–35 lbs.
Australian shepherds 40–65 lbs.
Basenjis 20–25 lbs.
Basset hounds 45–65 lbs.
Beagles 18–30 lbs.
Belgian Malinois 55–75 lbs.
Bernese mountain dogs 85–110 lbs.
Bichon frises 7–12 lbs.
Bloodhounds 80–110 lbs.
Border collies 27–45 lbs.
Border terriers 11–15 lbs.
Borzois 60–100 lbs.
Boston terriers 10–25 lbs.
Bouviers des Flandres 95–120 lbs.
Boxers 50–75 lbs.
Brittany spaniels 30–40 lbs.
Brussels griffons 6–12 lbs.
Bull terriers Miniature: 24–32 lbs.; Standard: 45–80 lbs.
Bulldogs 40–50 lbs.
Bullmastiffs 100–130 lbs.
Cairn terriers 13–18 lbs.
Cardigan Welsh corgis 25–30 lbs.
Cavalier King Charles spaniels 10–18 lbs.
Chesapeake Bay retrievers 55–80 lbs.
Chihuahuas 4–6 lbs.
Chinese crested Less than 10 lbs.
Chinese Shar-Pei 45–60 lbs.
Chow Chows 45–70 lbs.
Cocker spaniels 23–28 lbs.
Collies 50–70 lbs.
Dachshunds Mini: 8–10 lbs.; Standard: 10–12 lbs.
Dalmatians 50–55 lbs.
Doberman pinschers 65–90 lbs.
English cocker spaniels 26–34 lbs.
English setters 45–80 lbs.
English springer spaniels 40–50 lbs.
Flat-Coated retrievers 60–70 lbs.
French bulldogs Two standards: 19-22 lbs. and 22-28 lbs.
German shepherds 75–95 lbs.
German shorthaired pointers 45–70 lbs.
German wirehaired pointers 60–70 lbs.
Giant schnauzers 55–80 lbs.
Golden retrievers 65–75 lbs.
Gordon setters 45–80 lbs.
Great Danes 110–180 lbs.
Great Pyrenees 85–100 lbs.
Greater Swiss mountain dogs 130–135
Havanese 7–12 lbs.
Irish setters 55–75 lbs.
Irish wolfhounds 90–150 lbs.
Italian greyhounds 6–10 lbs. (two sizes: less than 8 lbs. or 8–10 lbs.)
Japanese Chin 4–15 lbs.; Two classes: under 7 lbs. and over 7 lbs.
Keeshond Two standards: 35–45 lbs. and 55–65 lbs.
Labrador retrievers 65–80 lbs.
Lhasa Apsos 13–15 lbs.
Maltese 4–6 lbs.
Mastiffs 150–160 lbs.
Miniature pinschers 8–10 lbs.
Miniature schnauzers 12–15 lbs.
Newfoundlands 100–150 lbs.
Norwegian elkhounds 40–60 lbs.
Norwich terriers 10–12 lbs.
Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers 37–50 lbs.
Old English sheepdogs 60–100 lbs.
Papillons 7–10 lbs.
Parson Russell terriers (Jack Russell terriers) 14–18 lbs.
Pekingese Sleeve: less than 6 lbs.; Mini: 6–8 lbs.; Standard: 8–10 lbs.
Pembroke Welsh corgis 23–27 lbs.
Pomeranians 4–7 lbs.
Poodles Mini: 11–17 lbs.; Standard 45–65 lbs.
Portuguese water dogs 35–55 lbs.
Pugs 13–18 lbs.
Rhodesian ridgebacks 65–90 lbs.
Rottweilers 70–135 lbs.
Samoyeds 35–65 lbs.
Schipperkes 12–18 lbs.
Scottish terriers 18–21 lbs.
Shetland sheepdogs 18–20 lbs.
Shiba Inu 15–25 lbs.
Shih Tzu 8–16 lbs.
Siberian huskies 35–60 lbs.
Silky terriers 8–11 lbs.
Soft-Coated Wheaten terriers 30–45 lbs.
Saint Bernards 110–200 lbs.
Staffordshire bull terriers 23–38 lbs.
Standard schnauzers 30–45 lbs.
Tibetan terriers 20–24 lbs. (18–30 lbs. based on conformation)
Toy fox terriers 4–7 lbs.
Vizsla 45–60 lbs.
Weimaraners 50–70 lbs.
Welsh terriers 20–21 lbs.
West Highland white terriers 13–21 lbs.
Whippets 25–45 lbs.
Wirehaired fox terriers 13–20 lbs.
Yorkshire terriers Less than 7 lbs.

*Weights are sourced from “The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention”.

Are we missing a cat or dog breed on our weight list? Please contact us and we’ll add them to our list. If we are missing an important volumetric measurement such as pints or other, please let us know.

We would appreciate any crematoriums who would be willing help us craft a better cremains calculation. If we can get a couple crematoriums in the pet cremation industry to submit their personal calculations, we can average those “weight to cubic inch” calculations and provide a more helpful tool.

We hope this page is a useful resource, let’s make it even better!

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